Do you know how to become a nurse practitioner? The job of a nurse practitioner is a noble one and it is also very fulfilling. In order to become a nurse practitioner one must have at least a bachelor’s degree along with some pre-employment experience and many other small courses related to the field of health care. A nurse practitioner has a lot of responsibilities and some of those responsibilities are to handle the patients with patience and keep the mood of the patient upbeat. One must work hard and be dedicated and determined if he wants to become a nurse practitioner.

how to become a nurse practitioner

Do YOU know How To Become a NURSE Practitioner?

In the health industry today there is a great scope for nurse practitioners and this is also one of the better paid jobs. This particular job requires advanced training and it includes both administrative and technical duties on the floor, for this reason people who are hired for this job must show exemplary qualifications. It is always important for applicants to get certifications for their applications in order for the application to be considered for the job.

Primary Qualifications Required To Become a Nurse Practitioner:

The first and foremost requirement for becoming a nurse practitioner is the acquisition of a bachelor’s degree in the faculty of nursing. There are plenty of colleges and universities that offer Baccalaureate nursing degrees and nowadays some of the hospitals also offer these degrees. Typically a nursing course ranges from 4 to 5 years which contains both practical and theoretical training. Along with the degree applicants for a nurse practitioner must get their registrations done. As this particular job requires a lot of different skills and responsibilities, so a candidate must get their nurse practitioner licenses and their licenses should be up to date! Otherwise the candidate with an outdated license will be disqualified.

Advanced Qualifications Must Have To Become a Nurse Practitioner

For becoming a nurse practitioner one must also acquire advanced studies in health care and nursing. These can include post-graduate and graduate studies in the field of nursing. Studies in hospital administration and other related studies are also much valuable. A doctorate is not a requirement as such, as many of the nurse practitioners are sponsored by the companies to study further in which they are currently employed.

Why are advanced studies important?

Advanced studies are very important because a nurse practitioner has to do a lot of different tasks at the same time. They have to handle patients, they have to coordinate with other nurses, and they also have to coordinate with the doctors and many other personnel. Along with doing all that work a nurse practitioner is also an overseer of the department in which they are particularly assigned.

Other Courses You Must Hold To Become a Nurse Practitioner

There are many other courses that a nurse practitioner might want to take up, and these courses depend on the field in which the nurse practitioner is serving. These courses include courses in psychology, geriatrics, pediatricians, etc. these courses should be considered by those nurse practitioners who are planning to serve in some specific field. Nurse Practitioner Courses What are the alternative education courses?

In the present time there are many universities that offer courses which are especially dedicated to nurse partitioning; these courses include basic nursing as well as certain topics discussed during a master’s degree. Courses of this kind can take about 6 years for completion and once you have done this course you can move on to your professional life without any hurdle and there are brighter chances of faster promotions.

What are the levels of experience?

Usually nurse practitioners get to their desired designation through the process of successive promotions as this job of a nurse practitioner requires plenty of experience. One may start his journey as a nurse and progress through many promotions all the way to the top. Applicants for the job as a nurse practitioner usually require 5 to 6 years of professional experience in any health care department and facility. Usually when nurses move to a new hospital they go through a background check and they are checked for how long they have been working as nurses or nurse practitioners in a health care industry. If you have just completed your graduation and you are in search of a good job, pre-employment experience can serve as a green signal to your new job. You can get this experience by doing internships and volunteer work in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices.

What are the other qualifications?

Apparently this job as a nurse practitioner is quite fulfilling but it also demands great dedication and hard work in return as well. There is great pressure and stress that you have to face as a nurse practitioner and this pressure is both mental and physical. This is one of the many reasons why employers demand experience from the applicants in this field, they want to make sure that the applicant knows his job and can handle pressure well. There is one other quality a nurse practitioner must have in his personality and that quality is patience!

A nurse practitioner has to keep up with patients having different temperaments and personalities. You should have the ability to keep up with the changing moods of people which is not a very rare sight in patients admitted in a hospital. Nurse practitioners serving in nursing homes must have great deal of patience and communication skills in them. Because in nursing homes the elderly patients who are admitted are often very lonely and are longing for their loved ones. One must be good at keeping the mood of their patients upbeat and should be able to build good interpersonal relationships with the patients. A nurse practitioner has to be physically tiptop. This is because a nurse practitioner is always making rounds on different floors keeping check on everything and letting themselves aware of everything happening in their respective departments. How To Become a Nurse Practitioner

What is the salary of a Nurse Practitioner?

In United States the average salary of a nurse practitioner is $90,120. On the bottom end this may get to like $77622 and while the nurse practitioners in the top 10% nay get well above a hundred thousand a year.

What are the Prerequisites?

Every nurse is note eligible to become a nurse practitioner, because the job of a nurse practitioner is much complicated than just handling patients. For becoming a nurse practitioner one must have certain level of education and a certain level of experience. A master’s degree or a doctorate along with very many studies related to the field of health care is required for getting a good job as a nurse practitioner. A nurse practitioner must also be a good handler of pressure and stress in order to undertake the duties and responsibilities of the job comfortably.

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